Wallisville Heritage ParkThe Wallisville Heritage Park maintains extensive files on the history of the area and its families, towns, and other historical subjects. A large body of research papers dealing with El Orcoquisac, Fort Anahuac, and John Davis Bradburn is located at the Heritage Park, as is an extensive collection of records from Governor Ross S. Sterling. The staff also developed a collection of copy negatives and original photographs from private collections, as well as an oral history collection. The organization sponsored the publication of Chambers County: A Pictorial History in 1988. The book was selected by the Texas Historical Commission for the T. R. Fehrenbach Award for best county history in 1988.

Visitors to the Wallisville Heritage Park have access to many resources for historical and genealogical research.

· Approximately 2,000 books on Southern, Atlantic, and New England states.
· Vertical files on 600 area families and 500 local historical topics.
· Approximately 10,000 copy negatives of local individuals, families, buildings, etc.
· 20,000 photo negatives from Crystal Studio in Liberty.
· Negatives and prints from "The Liberty Gazette" newspaper.
· Several archival collections dealing with Spanish Presidio & Mission at Wallisville (1756-1771) and Fort Anahuac (established 1830).
· Numerous other archival collections dealing with Chambers County history and families of the county, as well as oral histories with approximately 100 elderly residents.


The Wallisville Heritage Park is proud of the structural exhibits available for public display, including the 1915 Eminence Schoolhouse, the William Cooper House, the Ina and John Wallis House and the 1869 Wallisville Schoolhouse.

The Eminence Schoolhouse
The schoolhouse was purchased by the Heritage Park in 1982 and was originally constructed in 1915 as a one-room schoolhouse for the Eminence Community. It was originally situated on a site south of Interstate 10 and west of FM 563. The Eminence and Wallisville schools were later consolidated.

The William Cooper House

The Ina and John Wallis House

The 1869 Wallisville Schoolhouse

This building has served not only as a school, but a church and a temporary courthouse (after the burning of the Chambers County Courthouse in December 1875). In the late 1890s it housed the office of “The Age,” the first newspaper ever published in Chambers County, and a post office in the 1920s. The building also survived the historic hurricanes of 1875, 1900 and 1915. More information on the 1869 Wallisville Schoolhouse can be found under "Places".